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Borneo United Company Sdn Bhd is certified as a panel member by MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board)
to supply the GPS/GPRS tracking solutions for the Malaysia Palm Oil Industries.


Borneo United Company Sdn Bhd

Borneo United Company Sdn Bhd is a 63-year old company that has been involved in logistics business such as fuel and fleet management since 1972.

  • Its GPS tracking solution division provide asset tracking and fleet management expertise to companies.
  • focused on delivering supply chain services to technology companies, offering an excellent combination of outstanding management,
  • world class technical capability, innovative manufacturing technology, reliable testing capability and ultra modern facilities.

Together we had grown beyond from just a Supply Chain Management company to provide GPS Tracking Solution sectors with operation in South East Asia, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Product Overview


BUC300 Standard GPS/GPRS Tracker

The device allows you to Monitor, Command and Schedule your fleet of all sizes. The software gives you an overview of your fleet round the clock. It contains different functions that can be done depending on the customers' interest. It is both stable, has a fast response and the capacity to support more than 5000 devices

BUC500 Premium GPS/GPRS Tracker

Using BUC500 GPS/GPRS tracker, users can monitor the position and control the vehicle through the server via GPRS/GPS and GSM/Internet. Customers will be able to manage improve productivity, increase security, reduce costs by effective use of resources. Our product is widely used in business traffic, logistics and distribution, automobile lease, transportation, shipping, army and police, rescue and many others.

BUC500LM Fuel Measure

The device allows you to Monitor, Command and Schedule your fleet of all sizes. The software gives you an overview of your fleet round the clock. It contains different functions that can be done depending on the customers' interest. It is both stable, has a fast response and the capacity to support more than 5000 devices.

BUC500 Premium GPS 3G/GPRS

It's new! On premium version of BUC500, the device is powered by 3G signal coverage. Get the live tracking at its best anytime, anywhere.


BUC GPRS/GPS module consist of a device installed in the vehicle, a central server and software for the owner to access the information.

All GPS tracking devices use data from the U.S. Government's constellation of Global Positioning System satellites to determine a vehicle's location, speed and direction of travel.

The tracking device transmits data from GPS satellites overhead to a central computer server via either a communications satellite or, more often, via the local cellular phone network. The vehicle data is updated every 2 - 15 minutes, depending upon the owner's preferences and manufacturer's settings.

The central server makes the tracking data available to the system owner through the internet. The owner logs onto the tracking company's secure web server and sees their vehicle data on a map and in text form. Some tracking companies make the data available for download, so the owner could archive it on their own computer.


Fleet Tracking
Monitor trips, stops and manage fleet activities to make smarter, quicker business decisions.

Supplement vehicle tracking with reports that display the activities of individual vehicles and/or your entire fleet.

Customized Alerts
Configure specific vehicle activity alerts that adhere to the unique logic of your business.

Designate the schedule, job and customer locations that are unique and important to your fleet.

Provide vehicle tracking and custom fleet activity alerts for your smart phone.

View driving histories and plan more efficient routes


Large fleet operations like taxi and limousine businesses present an interesting management challenge for those who run the operations. The reason is because with the sheer numbers of vehicles on the road at any on point in time, control can be hard to administer.Technology comes to the rescue in the form of GPS tracking devices and the benefits that they provide. Here is how BUC GPRS/GPS module can benefit taxi and limousine services.

Instant Answers
With real-time GPS tracking, you can monitor where your vehicles are located at all times. This mean location, direction of travel and speed can all be tracked and reported on in an instant. Being able to view this information helps you make instant changes in schedules to better serve your customers. That is the best reason to obtain a BUC GPRS/GPS module and integrate it into your fleet business.

Accountable Drivers
The most difficult thing to have to pay attention to in your business is your drivers. You need a way to keep track of their activities so that if they need to be re-routed based on customer demand, you can move them in a hurry. The other reason for keeping a close watch on your drives is for compliance purposes; both traffic laws and company rules it is a part of human nature that when you are being watched, you are more careful about your actions and activities. The accountability factor is a reality with GPS tracking.

Reduced Insurance Costs
Imagine getting a break on your insurance rates for placing BUC GPRS/GPS module into your vehicles. It is true, that most insurance companies support adding this device to your vehicles in order to reduce their risk. When they are able to do that, they pass along savings to you in the form of lower insurance premiums.

Better Maintenance Schedules
Another way to save money via BUC GPRS/GPS module is by being able to get a better handle on maintenance schedules for your vehicles. Yes, you can obtain vehicle odometer readings from your drivers, but do they get them to you in a timely manner? You can track mileage on your system, plus hours driven. Your vehicles need to be maintained on a regular schedule and being given this type of close watch over them will help you save money. There are so many benefits for GPS tracking devices for your taxi and limousine service that it is difficult to pick the best one. Put them all together, though, and you have a powerful tool that will help you maintain your profitability for a long time to come.

Transport Management Tool
Now your transport Manager can make decisions and not your drivers. It will increase driver's productivity, save fuel, lower maintenance cost, more accurate scheduling and better customer service.

Mobile Employee tracking

Track service people, sales people while traveling outstation or at branch offices.

  • Increased Driver Productivity
  • Real-Time Dispatch Tool
  • Reduced Fuel Expenses
  • Improved Customer Service
  • More Accurate Billing
  • Validation of Service Calls
  • Benefits of a Virtual Time-Clock
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Decreased Driver Speeding
  • Decreased Overtime

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